• Pastors.. are YOU in God's Will?

    A pastor said to me recently, "everything is will of God".

    Unfortunately, that is not actually correct. God ordains a path for those whom He has called. However, like any journey the path has pit-stops / fuel stops/ cross-roads and events along the way to the destination. Although we must arrive at the destination that God has ordained, the route is flexible to accommodate man's free will, his good and bad choices, his mistakes, stumbles even falls. But in the end what God has ordained will come into being even though man sometimes like Jonah tries to run away from adhering to God's plan to adhere to his own. God is patient. He usually, though not always, just waits 'til man has exhausted all the blind alleys and returns to the narrow way that He has laid down.

    Whether you are a pastor, assistant pastor, helper or believer, if you are not involved in front-line ministry, which is Revival, reaching the lost, the lonely, the sick and the bewildered, take note. We do not believe you are in God's Will. When God walked past the fig tree and it did not produce any figs, He cursed it and it died.

    Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Mat.28:19 were Jesus' last words. He did not say "Go therefore and build churches in all the nations and enjoy yourselves singing happy songs and clapping.

    This will neither produce fruit nor get anyone saved.


Five Fold Ministry

Ye are the light

of the world.
  Matthew 5:14