• Revival! Read of God's Plan.

    Asia Arise 2014,

    God created this creation for Himself and Jesus died on Calvary for it. The vision of the Five Fold Ministry Ireland is to bring the Light and Power of Jesus Christ into every nation and every corner of this darkened world. It is to heal the sick and free the oppressed by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, preaching the true, Christ-centred, repentance-emphasising Gospel of Jesus Christ in this transforming year of 2014AD.... commencing in U.K., Canada, Asia.

    This very small but greatly blessed and privileged, born-again, front-line outreach team comes not with empty words but in the Power and Anointing of the Living God, Jesus Christ. They have held now well over 100 public outreaches. In the USA, U.K. and Ireland and at every single meeting without exception His Love and saving Grace, His healing Power has been demonstrated with miracles, healings, signs and wonders. Hundreds of thousands of hurting souls have been led to Jesus at these outreaches and further multitudes over the airwaves of local, national and International radio stations at home and abroad.

    After a period of 'waiting on the Lord', fasting, praying, meditating on His word, they prepared to resume “going into all the world and preaching the Gospel to every creature”. The Five Fold team waited with great expectancy for yet another great move of the Holy Spirit, having already witnessed Him cause the lame to walk, the deaf have hearing restored perfectly, and the blind to see. Children were healed of crippling diseases. New believers freed from asthma, arthritis, anxiety, migraine, drugs, alcohol and numerous other physical, financial, psychological and spiritual burdens.

    It was with a glad heart that the Five Fold Ministry Ireland received instructions from our Lord and Saviour to GO and to GO to UK, India, Pakistan, Canada and USA. The life-changing, dramatic miracles and power that have gone before were only a nucleolus of what He is about to do. To launch the greatest revival the world has ever experienced... in all lifetimes.... combined.... to every nation on Earth claiming billions of souls for the kingdom of Heaven to the Glory of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ...... and beginning now in 2014! (It has been prophesised that an anointed but small meeting will take place first in the UK just prior to Revival).

    By the Grace of God alone, His love and mercy will be demonstrated with phenomenal Power at these upcoming conferences, outreaches and anointed meetings. Even the hardest of hearts will be convicted and convinced that the risen Christ of the Bible is the only solution to all the problems of the world and the way, the truth and the life. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Jn 14:5-7.

    Our mission is that the Gospel of Truth of Fire and Power of the Resurrected Christ should be preached in all the churches, and also outside the churches.

    Come and receive your personal Supernatural Outpouring of God's anointing for healing and refreshing at the upcoming Asia Arise events!

    The purpose of the power-packed conferences in Asia will be to establish, train, empower and equip experienced pastors to plunder the kingdom of darkness in their own countries for souls by the Grace and Power of the Holy Spirit.

    To prepare believers for the work of the ministry, through understanding, impartation and activation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that every believer may be a powerful witness for our Lord Jesus Christ fulfilling His great commission. Jesus came on Earth for one reason..... Souls.

    Natural and Supernatural training & leadership development for impassioned and aspiring leaders! Paul will lead special workshops to provide new tools, tips AND anointing to become better effective leaders to reach the lost, the lonely and the sick AND to grow your church at the same time.

    Re Asia: Sons of India who claim to be Sons of God.... this is what you have waited and prayed for, for so long. Patriots of Pakistan who claim to be Sons of God..... this is the day that the Lord has made.

    ALL of India, ALL of Pakistan can be transformed and saved. God doesn't actually need an army, just a few obedient men and women to Unite and step out of the boat. India will be saved ONLY if Indian Pastors input into the battle for souls. Only if they labour with their brothers and sisters in the harvest field. Pakistan will be saved ONLY if Pakistani Pastors input into the battle for souls. Only if they labour with their brothers in the harvest field. Pastors will have to pay a price as Jesus paid the price.. the ultimate price.

    The church is under orders. Evangelistic inactivity is disobedience. We believe this is the beginning of one of the greatest moves of the Holy Spirit ever in soul-winning for Christ. A time such as this when the Power of the Holy Spirit will sweep like a flame across Europe, Canada, USA, India and Pakistan.

    Pastors, assistant pastors, Christian leaders....... Experience this latter rain outpouring. Get Behind this great move of God!!

    Advance details of these outreaches and conferences will be detailed on our facebook pages, twitter and website. As you know though, working for God always involves a wait.


Five Fold Ministry

Ye are the light

of the world.
  Matthew 5:14