• Solomon Solves the Financial Crisis

    Here is a short story of a financial crisis, plummeting sales, widespread redundancies and rent increases but at the time when Jesus walked the dusty streets of Jerusalem. However, Solomon discovers the solution to all his problems.

    Solomon Solves the Financial Crisis (by Harry)

    Exotic aromas assaulted Yitzhak's senses before he heard the joyful sounds of harps, lyres and cymbals of Balthazar's Bazaar. Amid the tight mass of buildings and narrow passageways he marvelled at the gaily-coloured warren of stalls, a Shangri-la of fine silks and quality craftwork. But despite the pandemonium of the musicians there were no shoppers.

    "What happened here?" "A holy day? A plague?

    Inside the bakery he saw movement behind a large, camel skin suitcase. As Yitzhak moved closer, Solomon, a rotund man in a flowing Kaftan and red fez, straightened up from his hiding place.

    "Shalom, my friend; I hide from the Muhtasib". "He seeks his taxes".

    "I heard about the economic crisis" said Yitzhak.

    "Business is ruined," said the merchant. He removed his shoes and beckoned Yitzhak in, offering him coffee, figs and mezze. Solomon revealed thousands of round, brown flat bread and hundreds of carved statues. "My Baal and Diana statues won't sell. I've lain off all my home workers and my rent has gone up since the money changers were evicted from the temple; they've opened up across the road. Space is at a premium.

    The town is deserted. Jesus drew 15,000 away; fed them himself; banned worship of other Gods, healed the sick and raised the dead. The undertakers, physicians and professional wailers aren't happy either and the goldsmiths can't give the calves away".

    Just then the High Priest passed. "Your usual bread?" asked Solomon.

    "No I got my bread free" said the elegantly dressed official. "I'm cutting out the middle man".

    Leaving, the priest yelled back, "I haven't seen you at the synagogue recently, Solomon"

    "No" replied Solomon, "I'm dealing direct now, cutting out the middle-man".

    "I'm off to meet Jesus".

    "If you can't beat them, join them," he smiled.


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