• the Time-Lord's train

    Hi all, This is to announce that "the Time-Lord's train is now boarding at http://www.harrytoye.co.uk

    This is my debut book as an author, I hope you like it. Full details are onsite and there are opportunities to download free ebooks as well. The Time-Lord's train is a biblically based, young adult adventure story.

    I should point out this is not a ministry publication (the Five Fold do not seek donations nor sell anything). This is just a private interest that I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it.


    Penetrating the mists of time and spiritual realms in an extra-terrestrial train, three teenagers discover a battle of biblical proportions between good and evil that threatens to destroy Earth. Encounters of the spiritual kind with giant warriors, demons and Jesus Christ, make them wish they had stayed on the platform at Connolly station in Dublin. Earth has only one hope of survival.



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