the same, yesterday, today and forever. Heb. 13:8.

the Next Miracles


Phenomenal Miracles are expected in DUBLIN, Ireland as the Five Fold Christian Healing team visits there. One of the most powerful healing teams in the world, they have led 'outreaches' around Ireland and abroad where it is claimed "they saw many miracles and wonders at God's Hand'.

"Thousands, from America to Europe have witnessed dramatic miracles take place through this small team. Invalids get out of wheelchairs, backs are straightened, eyes are restored to perfect sight. Sufferers are freed from alcoholism, drug abuse, cancer etc., and AIDS victims have also been totally healed" explained "Paul", the group's 54 year old leader, who shot to prominence in his appearance on the late Gerry Ryan 2FM Show, a prime-time national radio show in 1990. On that occasion when listeners were asked to phone in a man who appeared to be suffering from a severe stammer was instantly cured.

"Paul", whose name is omitted from all posters and publicity as he "wants to lift up only the name of Jesus Christ, the one true Healer", became a member of the charismatic group in the mid-80's after visiting a group meeting in Dublin, with his wife.

A successful business and family man, his own beliefs were founded through a laying-on of hands by that groups leader who told him on his second visit that he didn't know Jesus. "I thought she was daft until she put her hands on my head and said, 'God show this man your power'. I felt the power coming all over me and knew that Jesus was real ', he affirmed.

Paul continued to attend the group's meetings and studied the scriptures over the next four years until he began to notice the effect his own laying on of hands was having which resulted in a seriously ill eight year old child being healed."Jesus was healing through me and the word spread quickly.

Since then they have held meetings throughout Ireland, in the U/K., in New York, Boston, and throughout New Hampshire including at the huge Gill Stadium".

All the Five Fold members have full-time occupations but work voluntarily for the team, giving of their time freely and gladly and paying their own expenses. The group is a non-profit, non-commercial organisation which does not expect payment and invites all people and all denominations to their meetings, Free of charge. They have nothing to sell and unusally, almost uniquely, do not seek donations.

At two large Irish meetings, in Limerick and Wexford, both events were crammed to capacity an hour before the beginning.

On bottom left, in Wexford, searching, hurting crowds throng forward as yet another miracle occurs.The young boy weeps with joy. Healed of lockjaw and a limb miraculously grows inches. (At last he can play football with his friends). Hundreds of people had to be refused entry.

"As the presence of God filled the hotels, a blind person saw, the lame walked and threw away walking aids, and scores of men and women were touched by Jesus Christ as they were freed from anxiety, depression, asthma, arthritis and a range of physical, financial and spiritual burdens.

Even outside the Limerick meeting, in the hotels' foyer, a deaf lady's hearing was miraculously restored perfectly". he claimed. "Months later, reports continue to filter back of cancer and other serious illnesses given the 'all clear' after follow-up medical checks'.

Paul urges everyone, especially the sick, to come to the DUBLIN venue early, so as to avoid the disappointment of being turned away. Meetings are always full one hour before opening.

He added, "Dublin will be the centre of a great outpouring of God's spirit " whilst stressing that, "Healing does not come from me. It comes from God and only at his will! We're not 'hard-core Bible thumpers' and there's no yelling or stomping. Just gentle music and a calmness. We're not telling anyone new doctrines but people will leave with a new relationship with Jesus Christ.

All of us need help....... when human help doesn't work, there is someone to lend a helping hand in life. We're not here to point a finger, only to preach a loving God".

Those attending the session in March will come from all over Ireland. "People who attend this meeting will witness things they have never seen before nor may ever see again in their lifetime. The Power of God will heal in DUBLIN on that evening and I promise that people, will not be disappointed !" assured the group leader.

Another move of the Holy Spirit prophescised

The outreach date and location has been set..... by the Lord.
This is what happened.

Paul had it very heavy in his spirit that the outreach would be in the Spa hotel, Lucan, Co. Dublin on Sunday 4th March, 2001 AD, but the Lord had not yet confirmed it. As usual Paul sent me to assess the situation and where necessary make all the arrangements.

However this time when I met the banqueting manageress, with whom I had booked meetings before, I had a surprise. She was most disappointed to have to tell me that the date required was out of the question!
  Firstly, that night was one of a series of nights when the hotel were running 'tea dances' for older folk. Secondly another bombshell. She informed me that due to a new marketing manager's instructions, she was under strict orders not to give special concessions to anyone re: hire rates, (not even for God's work). The new rate was nearly four times that which we would normally pay and we could not afford it.

The next Wed. night I reported the bad news. Paul was astounded and just could not understand it. That night when we prayed the Lord said, "Son, no doors on earth are closed to you and no man can step in your way". We decided that the next day I would try some other hotels.

However I was unexpectedly delayed that morning and didn't get round to booking anything straight away. By midmorning a delighted Paul rang me. The Lord had told him to phone the Spa Hotel. Paul had protested that the hotel was booked and that we could not afford it. The Lord said," Phone, you'll see".

Paul rang the marketing manager. When asked if the hall was for hire on that night he answered immediately and without hesitation, Certainly sir! Not only that he quoted a greatly reduced price which we can afford and offered the hall from early afternoon, enabling us to have a children's pre-meeting or music practice/prayer etc. Paul jumped into his car, sped to the hotel, placed the deposit, secured a receipt and booking confirmation and...the outreach is on!

He who kneels before God - can stand before anyone!

Praise the Lord for the mighty move of the Holy Spirit in saving over one hundred hurting souls who were lost and broken.

Not by our speeches, nor by our preaching but in demonstration of the Spirit and of Power, through miraculous signs and wonders, the love, compassion and mercy of our Living God was proven to unbelievers, sceptics, doubters and even some ‘neither hot nor cold’ Christians.

Miracle, after miracle, after miracle, continuously set the captives free from arthritis, alcoholism, paralysis, disease, depression, deafness, drugs, eyesight problems, occult involvement and many other burdens.

Of the one hundred and fifty there, none had ever been to a prayer meeting before, (exc. a small number of believers) very few had ever read the Holy Bible yet EVERY SINGLE ONE raised their hands to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and repeated aloud the repentance prayer. Then Paul led every single soul individually, in the prayer. This was after readings from Isaiah 53 and a detailed description of what Jesus endured for us.

One lady who was healed of a serious illness, returned twice to the meeting during the evening, to excitedly declare to the crowd that prior to Jesus healing her, she definitely did not believe. Now she knew that Jesus was real! Now she knew that Jesus is alive! Now she is a believer! The new freedom radiating from the faces of those who had received Jesus, as they returned from the front of the queue was a joy to behold.

The story of how God opened doors in the lead up to the outreach, the move of the Holy Spirit at the meeting, the dramatic revelation from God afterwards,and the first photos, are now on the pages following to the Glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you to prayer warriors everywhere, (especially those whom I may have inadvertently omitted to thank directly). Rejoice and be glad in your contribution to HIS work. The Victory is the Lords.