the same, yesterday, today and forever. Heb. 13:8.

Revival is YOU!

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Five Fold Ministry Ireland

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

As you can see from this website we have by the Grace of God covered our country with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ crucified and risen.

  That is not to say that we can rest. There are too many people out there who do not know the loving Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Each Christian should be in his own right, a revivalist because this was not a request but a command, to preach the Gospel to your family, relatives and your local community.
  We know at this moment that God's people like to go and enjoy conferences and enjoy each others company. This is good but we also have to keep in mind all the people who are out there that do not know Him. There is a season for everything and we believe that each person that is called to ministry in his own right is a revivalist whether he/she likes it or not.
  Each of us is a light in this darkened world and when we come together as a body united, the light becomes brighter. You can become that light, even individual light to your local community.
  It would be an impossible task to leave it all just to the evangelists because without your help we cannot reach the entire world. So rather than us spending our time being constantly fed at conferences, get-togethers, picnics, and whatever, I think is it not time now for us when we do get together, to plan campaigns for outreaches?

One cannot say, "It's not our job". It is all of our jobs because that's why Jesus Christ came on Earth, to save souls!
Now the Great Commission is given to each and every born-again, spirit-filled Christian in the world. It is not good enough to hide your lamp under a bushel and keep it the best-kept secret in town.
  You must put it where it is seen. It is not good enough anymore to sing happy songs and pretend that all is well when that is far from the truth. I am challenging each and every brother and sister of Christ to become an individual revivalist because the world needs you. It doesn't need a sermon but it does need Christ.

Salvation is now says the Lord. Don't wait for revival to come.
Revival is NOW and it is YOU!

Servant of the Lord.

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