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Jesus Resurrection: 


The facts surrounding the eyewitness testimony as it relates to Jesus are significant:
1. Eyewitnesses to events agree on major details but differ on minor details.
2. This is the nature of NT documents - NT writers did not collude to iron out details.
3. 27 different New testament books; 8-9 different authors.
4. Multiple (8-9), independent, eyewitness, written sources dating back to the resurrection itself. These include…
5. Matthew, Mark, John, Peter, Paul, James, Luke, and the writer of Hebrews.
(e.g. Luke 1:1-4)
6. 19 people named as witnesses; more than 500 others cited, 12 occasions…over 540 total. (1 Cor 15:3-8)
7. If a judge listened to 15 minutes of testimony from each of these eyewitnesses during 8-hour days, it would take almost 17 days!

Why seek ye the living among the dead?

Luke 24:5



Jesus Christ

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The Five Fold Ministry Ireland is a very small but greatly blessed, front-line outreach team that comes not with empty words but in the Power and Anointing of the Living God, Jesus Christ.
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