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How DNA points to a Designer

 …or how about the existence of DNA?
Not how it presently replicates, which science can tell us about in some detail, but how it first assembled itself into a complex, information-rich blueprint to build living things.

DNA isn’t just a few lines of information that might have somehow, randomly, found its way together, but is millions and millions of lines of code that instructs brain cells to be different from eye cells, drives the construction of that marvel of engineering otherwise known as the human hand, and ensures that the stomach is lined by a type of cell that won’t be digested by the acid all around it.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. A pretty improbable event, if you ask me.


Life At The Molecular Level

 “The discovery of the life at the molecular level is so significant that it must be ranked as one of the greatest achievements in the history of science, including those of Isaac Newton and Einstein.”

“The ONLY known cause that can produce the specialised complexity found in DNA and the living cell is intelligence.” 

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                                        Michael Behe – Professor of Biochemistry Lehigh University

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