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The Anthropic Principle Reveals the Fingerprint of the Creator

Study of the complexity and uniformity (fine tuning) that’s found in things such as…

 • Universe
• Laws of Physics
• Earth
• Life
• Other evidence

that which relates to the existence of human beings.


The axial tilt of the earth ensures not only an optimal temperature but that the temperature will be normalized over the surface of the planet. If the rotational period of the earth were longer, the difference in temperature between night and day would be too drastic; if shorter, the atmospheric wind would be too fast. 


If the Earth's gravity were stronger, the atmosphere would retain too much ammonia and methane; if weaker, it would lose too much water. If the earth reflected too much sunlight, the surface temperature would cool, and extensive glaciers would form; if it retained too much sunlight, the atmosphere would fall into a greenhouse effect.

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