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What Took So Long?

for the entire NT to be
confirmed and gathered?

1. The originals were scattered across the whole empire: Apostles were sharing the Gospel, and being persecuted.

2. No scroll could easily contain more than one or two books. Luke: 30 feet; NT: 200 feet (bulky, expensive)

3. The 1st century Christians expected the immediate return of Christ = no need for a compilation.

4. No one church or leader dominated the others.

5. The early leaders assumed the authority of the Gospels and apostles. (Matthew, John, James, Peter, Paul wrote 85% of NT. Exceptions = Mark, Luke, Jude, and Hebrews)

6. Only when the heretics attacked the truth was the need for the development of a Canon (mid 2nd century).

Image Source: Ancient Map: Pinterest; Text Source: Adapted from Brian Edwards 

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